Difference Between Gelato And Ice Cream

If you want to add gelato to your restaurant or ice cream shop menu, a wholesale gelato distributor can set you up with a regular supply. But, you may wonder how gelato is different than ice cream and why some customers might prefer it.

Both desserts are a great addition to any frozen-dessert menu, but gelato is distinctly different than ice cream. It offers a distinct texture and flavor that some of your customers may pick over ice cream when given a choice. Here is more about gelato and how it is different than traditional ice cream.

Gelato Is Denser

Both ice cream and gelato churn in air as part of the manufacturing process. With ice cream, the added air combined with the fats makes for a fluffy, creamy texture. However, gelato has less air mixed in compared to ice cream. This process often leads to a dense but silky smooth texture that some people prefer. Many people also claim gelato has a more intense flavor due to its preparation and texture.

Gelato Has No (or Little) Eggs

Regular ice cream usually has eggs and higher milk fat. Ice cream starts as a custard that is cooked, churned, and frozen. Gelato usually has no egg yolks or very few egg yolks. This lack of eggs makes gelato a better choice with egg sensitivities.

Gelato Has Less Fat

Because gelato is mostly egg-less and has no heavy cream, it has less fat and calories. Lower calories make it ideal for those who are watching their intake. The downside is that gelato also has a lot of sugar.

Gelato Has a Warmer Serving Temperature

Most traditional ice cream is served in firm scoops at a low temperature. However, gelato is typically served at a warmer temperature than ice cream. The warmer temperature makes serving easier and allows the flavor to stand out. Gelato is also typically served with a spatula, not an ice cream scoop or spoon, though you can scoop it if you want.

Gelato and ice cream share many similarities, but each offers something different. Adding it to your menu offers your customers more choices. Gelato, like ice cream, also comes in a wide range of flavors. If you want to add gelato to your restaurant or ice cream shop menu or you want to know more about gelato, contact a wholesale gelato distributor in your area for more information.