New To Plant-Based Cooking? Here Is How To Use Algae-Based Alternative Tuna During Meal Prep

Are you trying to figure out how to incorporate plant-based proteins into your diet? Here are a few ways to use algae-based alternative tuna. Mix It Into Pasta One great way to use algae-based alternative tuna is to mix into your pasta dishes occasionally. Whether you are making a basic pasta with marinara, an alfredo dish, or pasta shells with oil and herbs, you can sauté the alternative tuna and add it directly to your sauce or pasta right before it is serving time. Read More 

Four Key Nutrients Found In Pine Pollen Supplements

Some supplements contain up to two nutrients and satisfy one or two purposes. Others contain multiple nutrients and can be taken for any number of reasons. Pine pollen falls into the second category. This supplement has become popular because it contains quite a few different nutrients, which means it offers an array of benefits in one. Here are four beneficial ingredients that can be found in pine pollen supplements. Magnesium Read More 

Ways To Use Dulce De Leche In Everyday Cooking

Also known as milk caramel, dulce de leche is a Latin American caramel that is enjoyed throughout the world. If you are looking to buy dulce de leche for the first time, you may be wondering how to use it in your everyday life. This article offers a few suggestions for ways to sweeten your tried-and-true recipes with dulce de leche. Coffee Your morning coffee marks the start of your day, so why not make it special? Read More 

A Zesty Addition That Won’t Negatively Affect Your Diet

Red wine vinegar, parsley, oregano, and garlic are the main components of a chimichurri sauce. This type of sauce may also contain additional ingredients, such as spices or herbs and is usually served in an uncooked format. It can be used to garnish meats, stews, and vegetable dishes and will add some flavor variety to your diet, without packing on excess calories that could affect your healthy diet. A Little Zest May Satiate Your Hunger Read More 

Edible Orchid Recipe Ideas For Special Events

If you're looking for a way to make a big impact at an upcoming special event, consider enhancing your menu with edible flowers, such as orchids. Ideal for everything from food and drink garnishes to desserts, edible orchids are sure to "wow" all of your guests.  Not only are edible orchids, which feature a bright purple and white color combination, pretty to look at, but they also have a fresh flavor similar to endive. Read More