Is The Paleo Diet Healthy?

If you are trying to lose weight, you have many diets from which to choose. One of the more popular choices in recent years is the Paleo diet. Based on the notion that we should eat as our "caveman" ancestors did, the diet is high in fiber, protein, and unsaturated fat. It only allows food that does not contain additives and has low sodium. Many people have embraced this diet. Before you make this choice, you need to understand both the benefits and problems with this diet. Read More 

3 Inspiring Tips For Choosing Christmas Chocolate For The Diabetic On Your List

If your holiday gift-giving list includes a friend or loved one with diabetes, you don't need to resort to an uninspired gift that might be exchanged the next day. Why not ditch the tie or Santa sweater in favor of a gift basket of delectable chocolates that are perfectly suitable for your recipient on a restricted diet? Here are 3 tips to help you get started and spark your imagination: Read More 

Wine Gift Baskets: 3 Great Wines To Include For Cooking Purposes

There are many benefits to drinking wine. For example, studies have found that wine drinkers have a 34% lower mortality rate than both beer or spirit drinkers. Not only is wine delicious for drinking, but wine can also be incorporated into many dishes when cooking to add a different layer to the flavors. Because of these reasons, wine gift baskets make wonderful gifts. If you're going to arrange a wine gift basket for a friend, here are 3 great wines that are great for not only drinking, but also for cooking. Read More 

Genuine Oolong Tea: Where You Can Buy The Freshest, Most Authentic And Best

Since "oolong" refers to any slightly fermented teas and the "oolong" process of creating the leaves, seeds and stems of the tea plants, any retailer can sell a product labeled "oolong" as long as it has undergone some level of fermentation before or after picking. If you want the very freshest and most authentic oolong tea, avoid buying it from a supermarket, where it sits in boxes on the shelves for months on end. Read More 

Serve Your Customers With Honesty And Information - Verifying The Legitimacy Of Wagyu Beef

As American restaurant goers become increasingly persistent in their demands for high quality and specialty products, delivering those goods becomes essential for any restaurant. Unfortunately, unscrupulous suppliers may attempt to take advantage of a difficult situation and sell products which don't meet the standards they should. Wagyu beef, as a highly specialized but difficult to verify variant, is a product which could result in accidental fraud and wasted money. Below, you'll find a guide to some ways you make sure that the Wagyu beef you're purchasing is the genuine product. Read More