Serve Your Customers With Honesty And Information - Verifying The Legitimacy Of Wagyu Beef

As American restaurant goers become increasingly persistent in their demands for high quality and specialty products, delivering those goods becomes essential for any restaurant. Unfortunately, unscrupulous suppliers may attempt to take advantage of a difficult situation and sell products which don't meet the standards they should. Wagyu beef, as a highly specialized but difficult to verify variant, is a product which could result in accidental fraud and wasted money.

Below, you'll find a guide to some ways you make sure that the Wagyu beef you're purchasing is the genuine product. Keeping these suggestions in mind will help guarantee that you always get what you pay for, and will allow you to satisfy your customers and develop a sterling reputation as a provider of incredibly high quality dishes.

Organizational Membership

Fortunately, enough people are passionate about the quality of Wagyu beef and concerned about the risk of fraud that organizations already exist that seek to weed out the truth. National collections of farmers, meat packers, and other purveyors have all certified the authenticity of their products and proudly display that information.

You should verify that your Wagyu source is part of one of these organizations and that they're a member in good standing. Looking up a roster of members and either choosing a source from that list or contacting one for a reference can help you avoid the challenges of false advertising.

Animal Registration

In some cases, small suppliers may only have a limited amount of Wagyu cattle and may simply be looking to generate a quick profit. These people may not have an organizational membership but their product may nevertheless be legitimate, putting you in a position where you need to find alternate verification.

Many Wagyu cattle are registered as being part of the breed, and their ownership and lineage can be easily traced. If you decide to buy from a smaller supplier, make sure that the registration can be verified and the animal's background is completely clear.

DNA Testing

If all other methods fail, you can determine whether an animal is a legitimate Wagyu cattle through an examination of its genetic material. Conducting a DNA test should reveal whether or not the animal that you're purchasing for slaughter has descended from the Wagyu line. This testing, however, requires a financial commitment and can take a period of weeks to complete, so you should make sure to remember those factors when deciding whether or not purchasing a specific animal is worth it.

Contact a local seller of Wagyu beef, such as Joyce Farms, for more information.