Difference Between Gelato And Ice Cream

If you want to add gelato to your restaurant or ice cream shop menu, a wholesale gelato distributor can set you up with a regular supply. But, you may wonder how gelato is different than ice cream and why some customers might prefer it. Both desserts are a great addition to any frozen-dessert menu, but gelato is distinctly different than ice cream. It offers a distinct texture and flavor that some of your customers may pick over ice cream when given a choice. Read More 

New To Plant-Based Cooking? Here Is How To Use Algae-Based Alternative Tuna During Meal Prep

Are you trying to figure out how to incorporate plant-based proteins into your diet? Here are a few ways to use algae-based alternative tuna. Mix It Into Pasta One great way to use algae-based alternative tuna is to mix into your pasta dishes occasionally. Whether you are making a basic pasta with marinara, an alfredo dish, or pasta shells with oil and herbs, you can sauté the alternative tuna and add it directly to your sauce or pasta right before it is serving time. Read More