New To Plant-Based Cooking? Here Is How To Use Algae-Based Alternative Tuna During Meal Prep

Are you trying to figure out how to incorporate plant-based proteins into your diet? Here are a few ways to use algae-based alternative tuna.

Mix It Into Pasta

One great way to use algae-based alternative tuna is to mix into your pasta dishes occasionally. Whether you are making a basic pasta with marinara, an alfredo dish, or pasta shells with oil and herbs, you can sauté the alternative tuna and add it directly to your sauce or pasta right before it is serving time. If you want the tuna to be softer and more like ground meat, you can add the tuna to your sauce without sautéing it and then let the sauce simmer for a few minutes before serving.

Make Sandwiches

Tuna sandwiches are a staple in many households, but people usually use actual tuna fish when making said sandwiches. You can use algae-based alternative tuna in place of canned or fresh tuna when making your lunch sandwiches, but the texture and flavor will likely not be spot on for your taste buds. You can use the following tips to make your alternative sandwiches taste more "tuna-y":

  • Bake the alternative tuna at a low temperature for a few minutes before mixing it with your mayo, celery, pickles, and other ingredients. This will firm the tuna up a little.
  • Add some kelp flakes or a piece of nori to your sandwich. This will give your sandwich some extra texture and enhance the "fishy" flavor that real tuna has to offer.

These tips should help you make an algae-based alternative tuna sandwich that is reminiscent of the classic real tuna sandwiches that you were used to eating while growing up.

Create Casseroles

Alternative tuna can be an excellent addition to casseroles. You can make tuna casserole the same way you make it traditionally, just exchange the real tuna for some alternative tuna. Alternative tuna can be added to enchilada bakes, potato casserole, sausage bakes, and even lasagna. Any kind of bake or casserole can be infused with protein-rich alternative tuna.

Enjoy It as a Snack

Alternative tuna makes a great quick snack without having to worry about needing a can opener to open a can of real tuna. Just rip a pouch of alternative tuna open, pour it onto a paper plate, mix it with some ranch dressing, then throw some lettuce, cucumber, and tomatoes on top then toss everything together for a healthy, filling, and tasty snack. Put some alternative tuna on crackers and serve the crackers with grapes. Or simply eat the alternative tuna out of the pouch it comes in for a quick and simple protein boost.