Beyond Your Basic Bacon, Egg, And Tomato Breakfast: 3 Improvements For Your Sunday Breakfast

If you're an amateur gourmet, and love making a lavish Sunday breakfast, then you should make sure you are using the best ingredients. Even if you have a great recipe, and top notch cookware, your meal will suffer if you use inferior ingredients. While it might seem like breakfast does not require choice ingredients (it might only be bacon, eggs, tomatoes, and bread) that's definitely not the case. In fact, because you're making such as simple meal, the ingredients arguably matter more. You're not going to be adding a panoply of spices and herbs, so the flavor of the main ingredients must stand on their own. So, with that said, here are three ways to improve your breakfast.

Organic Heirloom Tomatoes

Unless you grow your own tomatoes, then you're going to have to buy them from the local grocer or supermarket. This can be a disappointing experience. They might look red and attractive, but when you taste them you are disappointed. The common tomato has very little flavor. There are many reasons for this. For one thing, most mass-produced tomatoes are grown in areas (Florida, for example) that are not conducive to flavor. The areas are conducive to high yield, year-round growth, and ease of transport. It's very efficient and factory like. Attributes that don't scream "delicious tomato".

As an alternative, try heirloom tomatoes. These are grown in by farmers using seeds (heirloom seeds) that have not been modified for mass commercial growth. So, for instance, the tomatoes might not have the same deep red that you're use to seeing (and which was bred into the common tomato) but they will have a stronger, more unique flavor.

Certified Humane Free Range Eggs

If you have visions of hens laying eggs in a chicken coup, while working with your carton of eggs, then don't buy regular eggs. The normal egg comes from chickens raised in battery cages. There is a whole group of people who object to this from an ethical standpoint, but you might also want to consider how the eggs from stressed out and mistreated animals taste when compared to humanely treated chickens who have access to the outdoors.

There are lots of labels used in eggs, but what you are looking for is certified humane and free range. Cage free chickens are able to move more freely than their battery caged counterparts, but they don't have access to the outdoors. If you want that classic farm chicken (the one who moves around in the fresh air) then you are looking for free range.

Heritage Pork

Bacon lovers should think twice about that prepacked bacon in the supermarket section. It's made from hogs that are kept in tight conditions and bred for maximum output. Like the eggs, there are both ethical and flavor concerns. The alternative is heritage pork. These hogs are raised by farmers who are less concerned with maximum pork yield, and more concerned with quality. The hog breeds, such as as the Tamworth, are prized because they were bred for specific qualities. In the case of the Tamworth, the hog is excellent for bacon.

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