Edible Orchid Recipe Ideas For Special Events

If you're looking for a way to make a big impact at an upcoming special event, consider enhancing your menu with edible flowers, such as orchids. Ideal for everything from food and drink garnishes to desserts, edible orchids are sure to "wow" all of your guests. 

Not only are edible orchids, which feature a bright purple and white color combination, pretty to look at, but they also have a fresh flavor similar to endive. When enjoyed as soon as possible after picking, they also have a crisp texture.

You can either grow edible orchids yourself in your spring and summer garden or even indoors in pots or buy them from specialty gourmet food retailers. When purchased in air-tight plastic containers, they typically remain fresh for four to five days when properly stored in a refrigerator. 

For large events, you can buy the edible flowers in bulk to make sure you have enough for each of your guests to try. When deciding on a retailer, go with a company that produces the flowers without the use of harmful spray chemicals if possible. 

Edible flowers are fun to incorporate into the menus of any type of special occasion, such as wedding receptions, bridal and baby showers, birthday and holiday parties, and graduation and anniversary celebrations. Following are some creative ways that you can use them:

1. Chocolate-Dipped Orchids 

End your event on a sweet, surprising note with chocolate-dipped edible orchid petals. You can either make them before the party, allowing the chocolate to fully cool and harden, or provide a flowing chocolate fountain and allow guests to make their own desserts. As a special touch, provide a selection of edible blooms, such as hibiscus, dandelion, nasturtium, and borage, in addition to the orchids. 

2. Flower Bark

If you're looking for a beautiful, eye-catching dessert or party favor, consider serving either dark, milk, or white chocolate bark accented by orchid petals. The sweet creation will resemble homemade flower paper and is ideal for romantic celebrations, such as weddings and anniversaries. 

3. Tea Sandwich Toppers

Another way to showcase vibrant edible orchid petals is atop delicate tea sandwiches made with egg or tuna salad, or cucumber and cream cheese, among other traditional fillings. Simply press the blooms, which will give the sandwiches a bit of crunch, into the bread. You can also put them inside the sandwiches or scatter them around the sandwich platters, as additional ideas. 

Keep these tips in mind and start looking for specialty food suppliers that have edible orchids for sale