A Zesty Addition That Won’t Negatively Affect Your Diet

Red wine vinegar, parsley, oregano, and garlic are the main components of a chimichurri sauce. This type of sauce may also contain additional ingredients, such as spices or herbs and is usually served in an uncooked format. It can be used to garnish meats, stews, and vegetable dishes and will add some flavor variety to your diet, without packing on excess calories that could affect your healthy diet.

A Little Zest May Satiate Your Hunger

If you crave sweets or salty snacks, especially when you are faced with eating a bland dish that doesn't exactly hit the spot, you are placing yourself in danger of breaking your diet and gaining back the weight that you have fought so hard to lose. Why not try a new type of condiment that will intensify the taste of each meal that you prepare?

Purchase chimichurri sauce from a retail supplier, and get ready to experiment with this condiment. After testing out the sauce on various cuts of meat, vegetables, or rice dishes, you may find a new flavor combination that truly appeals to you. In addition, the zestiness that is added may curb any cravings that you have for snacks that are currently off-limits.

The Sauce Can Be Heated Up

You can use chimichurri as a basic dipping sauce or you can drizzle it directly on top of salads or cooked meals, but it can also be used in conjunction with the cooking process that you use to prepare a homemade specialty. For instance, if you tend to eat lean cuts of poultry or fish, use the chimichurri sauce as a marinade. Pour the sauce into the bottom of a bowl and place the meat or the fish strips inside of the bowl, being sure to coat both sides of the meat or the fish, with the sauce.

Leave the chicken or fish inside of the bowl overnight, to infuse the cuts with plenty of flavor. The following day, prepare your meal in a skillet or broil the marinaded items inside of your oven. The sauce will complement the natural flavor of meat or fish and will add a fresh perspective to a basic dish. If you are satisfied with the way that the chicken or the fish tastes, use the sauce during additional meal preparations. Drizzle some sauce into a pan that contains fresh vegetables and a rice blend and pop the pan into the oven to create a flavorful casserole.

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