3 Ways To Boost Sales With A Fundraising Salsa Program

Fundraisers offer a great way to support communities and programs while giving people something back in exchange for their donations. You often have a wide variety of food options to choose from for a fundraiser, including salsa. A salsa fundraiser includes a variety of different salsa flavors and options.

Typically, when you sell salsa for a fundraiser, you will receive a portion of the proceeds for each jar you sell. While those profits can add up quickly, you can find other ways to boost the profits and increase the sales of your salsa fundraising. Check out some of the options and consider them the next time you host a community salsa fundraiser.

1. Chip Sales

Instead of just selling salsa jars on their own, expand the options for people. You could purchase bulk orders of chips and sell the chips along with the salsa. The bags of chips can increase your profits and give people a convenient way to eat their salsa as soon as possible.

The chip sales offer an ideal way to sell more salsa at a pop-up shop. For example, if you set up a table outside a grocery store, you could have chips to go along with the salsa. You could even use the chips as part of a promotion. You could give away one bag of chips for every four jars of salsa sold.

2. Mexican Food Nights

If you run a fundraiser for a school or community center, then you could use the space to host an event that includes fundraising. For example, you could host a Mexican food night. The food night would include jars of salsa that guests could purchase and enjoy with a wide range of Mexican foods.

Serve up common food options like nachos, tacos, and burritos. Along with the salsa offered as part of the food night, you could offer extra jars that guests purchase and take home. The hosted event gives people a chance to really try and enjoy the salsa flavors.

3. Salsa Taste Test Challenge

Turn your salsa fundraising into a fun game that introduces the flavors of the salsa in fun and unique ways. Try a salsa taste test challenge. First, put up a poster showcasing all of the salsa flavors available. Then offer a small scoop of salsa flavors on chips or on their own.

Contestants try to guess all of the salsa flavors. Whoever guesses the most correctly can win free salsa. Other contestants will have the opportunity to purchase their favorite flavors once the contest ends.

Use one or more of these unique ideas to make a community salsa fundraiser a big success. 

For more info about salsa fundraisers, contact a local company.